YMA has been serving the people of Kenya for over 50
years. It’s humble beginnings were focussed on
Nairobi and through necessity YMA expanded to
Garissa and the North Eastern Province. Through
God’s grace it has gone on to cover most of Kenya.
Eleven individuals, under the leadership of Dr. Hashim
Kassamali, met to register the charity YMA on 16th
July 1964. The intenon was to simply establish a
charity which would allow people to ulise their
Zakaah on deprived youth in the poorest areas.
These individuals would travel on their own expenses
across undeveloped trails to Garissa, even during
periods of unrest and danger. It was in this manner
that they were introduced to over 100 orphans whom
they immediately started to provide support to.

Knowing that just food aid was only a temporary
solution, these founding members of YMA quickly
decided that a more effective and long term solution
was needed: an orphanage and education centre.
Much of YMA’s enduring efforts can be traced to these
founding members who remained commied
throughout YMA’s growth.
Addionally, in 1972, when the need of the area was
placed in front of him, Shaykh Mo-ur-Rasool,
accepted the invitation to leave home and all behind
him and dedicate his life to the orphanage from when
it was nothing more than a few mud huts.

It has been almost 50 years since shaykh moved to
Kenya and despite old age, shaykh is sll striving to
serve the orphanage and the Ummah as best he can.
To connue the great work done by those before us
YMA is dedicated to continue to serve the growing
needs of the ummah.
It was with these thoughts that YMA’s focus is not only
on helping people, but laying down the infrastructure
to ensure that help connues to be there for them for
years to come. YMA is achieving this through
dedicated endowment projects which connue to
supply the charity with funds that will allow the
sponsorship of orphans for many years to come.