YMA has a great team of volunteers and staff that
allows our projects to run smoothly and efficiently.
YMA has 5 Trustees who act as patrons and spiritual
guides for the centre organisation. These trustees are:
1. Br. Idrees Farah
2. Br. Mohammed Afzal Khan
3. Haji Salim Bajaber
4. Haji Mahat Kuno Roble
5. Sheikh. Mo Ur Rasool

We have 14 volunteer executive committee members
who oversee the day to day activities and progress of
YMA. They are:
1. Chairman Br. Mohammad Eltaff.
2. Vice Chairman Br. Ahmed Hussein
3. Sec. General Br. Bhaudin Khares
4. Ass. Sec. General Br. Ahmed Alvi
5. Treasurer Br. Idrees Khalid
6. Ass. Treasurer Arch. Abdul Khan
7. Member Dr. Ibrahim Ali
8. Member Br. Altaf Ganatra
9. Member Dr. Dabar Maalim
10. Member Br. Mahmood Bulle
11. Member Eng. Abdulrashid S. Mohamed
12. Member Br. Abubakar Salim Bajaber
13. Member Dr. Hassan Kinyua Omari

YMA has 151 full me employed staff across its many
projects, as well as 50 Imams and teachers of the
various Masjids and Islamic Centres under our
Our staff are dedicated and work hard to not only
adequately complete their tasks with honesty and
integrity, but to maintain a very high standard of work
which has won YMA praise from local, national and
international agencies and organisations.