During mes of floods and droughts, YMA arranges for mass food distribution throughout the North Eastern Province, as well as areas of significant need
throughout the rest of Kenya.
YMA’s food packs not only contain flour and rice, but also: maize meal, oils, noodles, lentils, salts and fortified milk powder. This is significant because these items cover all the major food groups and vitamins that the body requires. Additionally the inclusion of milk powder is to cater for very young infants who cannot yet eat solids.

This food pack was brought to the attention of the UNHCR refugee camp in Dadaab and received wide praise from their doctors for being nutritionally comprehensive.
YMA has worked with both Kenyan and international organisations to orchestrate massive food relief campaigns that covered the entire province. This was done with systematic care to ensure that some villages were not being let out while other villages received surplus to requirements. In any given drought year, YMA can be instrumental in distributing more than US$2 Million in food aid. This total is reached not only by charities donating through YMA but also through YMA’s coordination of likeminded charities.

In such drought years, YMA’s efforts can reach more than 40,000 families. Food Packs typically cost US$50 as part of bulk orders.

Besides disaster relief, one of the major mes of donations is Eid al-Adha. The Muslim spirit of Udhiya (Qurbani) comes into effect where Muslims from all over the world get together to provide the rare luxury of meat to the poorest of people.
Udhiya in Kenya is a simple and uncomplicated affair, in that there are few regulations when it comes to doing animal slaughter. However, despite this, YMA insists on enhancing all Islamic principles pertaining to the welfare of animals and the hygiene of the meat produced.

YMA has expansive land in Garissa to stock as many animals as required. From here we can slaughter the animals and distribute the meat or in many cases transport the animals to the larger villages for the ritual to take place.
Animals are purchased from large farms in bulk to cheapen costs, and from small local pastoralists at fair prices to assist their livelihood.
YMA handles Udhiya orders for local Kenyans as well as large charities from other countries, including from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK, and the USA.

Costs for Goats/Sheep are US$60 each
Costs for Cows are US$350 each
Cost of Camels are US$700 each
Last year almost $50,000 were spent on the Udhiya of 1,094 goats/sheep and 6 bulls.
More than 5,000 families benefited last year from the meat distribution.
Due to YMA operating for 50 years we do not have full records of exactly how many Udhiya have taken place. However, we are certain it is around the 30,000 mark looking at yearly trends

Islamic rites refer to a wide range of charity types that go beyond Zakaah and Udhiya. Charities such as Sadaqah al-Fitr, Fidyyah, Kaffaarah, Aqeeqah, and others.
YMA understands the Islamic requirements in the execution of all these types of charities and caters to fulfil them with excellence. We see this as extremely important as some of these charities have very specific requirements. E.g. Sadaqah al-Fitr has a time limit for its delivery, while Kafarah has a daily and/or personage requirement in order to be valid – without which its repetition would be necessary.
YMA works with these principles in mind to ensure compatibility with all schools of thought.

Exact data of these charities are difficult as they fluctuate wildly year to year. However, last year:
Sadaqah al-Fitr was distributed to almost 600 families.
Iftar al-Sa’im (Fidyyah / Kafarah compatible) was carried out daily at over 15 Masjids and institutes, where men, women and children were all among the
Daily beneficiaries numbered over 850.
The correct amount required for Sadaqah al-Fitr depends on the country of the donor, however, YMA recommends US$4 per person Fidyah is recommended at the same rate of $2 per person.
Kafarah is recommended at $20 for small Kaarah (e.g. kafarah of Yameen – oath breaking – 10 day)
Kaffarah is recommended at $100 for large Kaffarah (i.e. Violating Ramadan Fast – 60 days)

Aqeeqah or animal sacrifice is recommended for $60
per animal
For other charity types please contact YMA

On some occasions YMA is asked by a local institute e.g. prisons, schools, communities, etc to assist with providing food (or Qur’ans or Islamic literature or clothes etc) to their inmates/students etc.
These requests do not follow patterns nor have set amounts of funds requested: as such we cannot provide an amount that’s required. Due to this, YMA normally receives a request and only then initiates fund-raising for this.

That being said, the necessity of these projects is substantial and if significant funds are received in advance, YMA would be more proactive in seeking out such needs in these institutes.
The most common, types of requests are for food during Ramadan, and Islamic literature.
This is a great opportunity for Da’wah work as almost all of these institutes have Muslim and Non-Muslim beneficiaries