YMA has not only assisted international charities in the provision of tents during major floods, but also itself provides emergency shelter during floods in
Garissa is an area that is prone to flooding, and on numerous occasions, YMA has utilised its land and facilities to shelter people when their homes are destroyed.

YMA provides waterproof overlays to drape over their makeshi tents, and warm dry blankets to resist the cold.
Furthermore, YMA distributes food and medical assistance to reduce risks of outbreaks of malaria, cholera, and other contagious diseases.
Costs of assistance varies; and all donations are welcome.

Often when YMA builds Masjids, additional needs of the community are also looked at. YMA ensures that there is an Imam and teacher appointed to lead
prayers and teach the community.
To facilitate this, YMA would build a lodging for the imam and if a school is to be included then lodgings for the teachers and possibly a dormitory for students who live at a distance.

These building are not always considered by donors when wishing to build a Masjid, and as such YMA would need to do additional fundraising to cover these hidden costs.
These buildings are simple and inexpensive, and due to their being instrumental for teaching the Qur’an to children, people are usually quite eager to share in the rewards.