The Young Muslim Association (YMA) started on 16th
July 1964 as a small charity working solely in Nairobi.
Its mission was social welfare and youth awareness
In 1968, after war had ravaged North-Eastern Kenya,
YMA members travelled to Garissa and found
countless people made homeless and without
support; chiefly among whom were an untold number
of orphans who were in the most vulnerable of states.

This started their efforts in setting up an orphanage
and outreach programs to support and steadily
improve the lives of thousands of children over the
coming years.
YMA’s core objectives are:
1. To become a guardian for the orphans of
2. To promote righteousness, mercy and moral
principles to all, especially the youth.
3. To empower and enrich the community
through education, training and opportunity.

While at heart, YMA is still an orphans-first charity, we
have since gone on to include many different
charitable activities in our operations. These range
from; emergency humanitarian relief, long term
water solutions, educational, vocational training,
shelter, and Da’wah.
We hope you will look at our projects and allow us to
assist you in obtaining Allah’s pleasure by serving the