New 100k Litre Water Tank

100,000 Litre Water Tank From Northern Water Service Board Installed

The beneficiaries of the Water Tank include:

  • The orphans housed and cared for at the centre
  • The Young Muslim Academy
  • The centre employees housed at the centre
  • Irrigation for the YMCH farm

The YMCH in Garissa was always blessed to have a good water system that was initiated in 1972 by the founding fathers of the centre and, over time, was constantly improved by the YMA Board members.

However, in April 2019, the YMCH experienced water shortages when its water tank holding 10,000 litres burst! This put the centre’s children in a precarious position in terms of sanitation and drinking water.

It was at this time that the Management of the centre approached the CEO of the Northern Water Service Board (NWSC) in a move to get a tank from his office. The CEO told the centre Management that since the country was in a drought season, the government was in the process of procuring tanks for drought mitigation. As such, he made an undertaking that, as and when, the government availed the tanks, he would provide one for the orphans.

On 1st September 2019, the NWSC CEO contacted the centre and informed us that he had a permanent solution to the centre’s water problems and that their board had approved the building of a water tank holding 100,000 litres for the orphans.

On 3rd September 2019, the YMCH received engineers from the NWSC to survey the centre to see where to build the tank. We settled on the area that currently had the underground water tank – due to its proximity to the Garissa Water and Sewerage Company (GAWASCO) water line.

The project was tendered and finally contracted to an ‘old boy’ of the centre, Siyat Abdi Osman.

The 100,000 Litre Water Tank was completed, fully-functional and handed over to the YMA on 20th December 2019.

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