The YMA has recently launched its Hydrafom Project to reduce the costs of its projects so that the same money can go much further in serving the needs of the poor.

Hydraform is a mobile apparatus that, with a small team of workers, can be taken to remote sites to make special inter-locking bricks. These bricks are made using sand and crushed stone with only 10% of the cement normally used and are hardened using a natural hydration technique. This will greatly reduce future transportation and material costs for the YMA when building schools, accommodtion lodgings and Islamic Centres in remote parts of Kenya.

In addition to reducing costs, this project will allow the YMA to offer training and employment to disadvantaged locals, who will be trained in all the different parts of the craft. This will give them experience in the construction trade, making them suitable for better quality jobs.

For more information visit: Hydraform Project

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