Higher Education

Since the establishment of the YMA, education and opportunity has been one of its focal points.

The YMA, within its limited resources, has tried to provide as much meaningful education to Muslim children as possible.

In order to assist bright, poor students in acquiring quality education, the YMA awards bursaries to promising students at secondary, college, and university levels.

The YMA has not set a limit per year of the number of bursaries it awards, but any child that the teachers identify as having innate talent and is hard-working, can be considered to be eligible for a bursary for higher education.

This bursary program has identified and benefited thousands of students across the country (even students who were not educated at our own institutes).

It is with great pride that the YMA can claim to have assisted in producing: Kenyan Ambassadors, a Provisional Director of Education, a Commissioner of the Constitution Review Committee, a Commissioner of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, numerous doctors, engineers, High Court lawyers, educators and so many more in other professions.

It is also noteworthy that many of the old boys have played an active role in the management of the centre over the years. Currently, the warden, works supervisor and several others of the centre staff are all former sponsored orphans of the YMA.

Additionally, at the YMA’s national level, there are two current members of the executive committee: Dr. I. M. Ali (formerly vice chairman), and engineer Abdulrashid (formerly the assistant secretary general), who are both old boys of the centre; and Idrees Farah (formerly Kenya’s Provisional Director of Education) is one of the YMA’s Trustees.

To date, the YMA has sent more than 300 students to university to attain professional qualifications.