Outreach School for the Disabled

Besides its own schools, the YMA also has an outreach program that offers assistance to other schools or sponsors children to be able to attend these school.

The YMA has provided assistance to many schools in Kenya including: Najah Children’s Home, Ridha Children’s Home, Garissa School for the Deaf and Garissa Special School for the Disabled.

The YMA makes it a point that in areas where droughts or floods occur, assistance is provided. One of the locations the YMA prefers to provide assistance is at schools in the poorest areas.

In addition to humanitarian assistance, the YMA also provides food and clothes to students during Ramadan and other religiously significant times.

It is of great significance and credit to the YMA that many students who have benefited from our outreach program go on to keep a favourable impression and promote the YMA. Of note, the current Majority Leader of the National Assembly of Kenya, Aden Duale, was born in Garissa and has publicly mentioned being a beneficiary of the YMA Outreach Program.

Additional notable people who have mentioned benefiting from the outreach program include: Hon. Sister Sofiya Abdi Noor (Member of Parliament) and Hon. Dr. Muhammad Dahiye (Member of Parliament).

The full extent of the vast number of people who have benefited from the outreach program will never be known.