YMA School

The YMA runs numerous schools at the orphanage site. There are nursery, primary and secondary education facilities for boys and nursery and primary school facilities for girls.

For further information, you can also contact our YMA Schools Admin directly at: info@ymaschools.org

There are a total of 290 girls and 534 boys in nursery and primary education. There are 336 boys enrolled at the YMA high school.

Those who can afford fees pay a heavily subsidised fee, and those who cannot afford it receive grants/sponsorships from our donors.

The schools have, on numerous occasions, been recognised for their excellence by the Kenyan Government and multiple educational bodies.

The YMA also has a proud tradition of students gaining regional and nationally recognised achievements in their exam results. Frequently, many of our students achieve the top positions in the National Certificate of Secondary Education tables in the North-Eastern Province.

This year, approximately 70 students will be entered into the KSCE exams.

To date:

  • 9,250 boys and 5,550 girls have graduated through our primary school
  • 1,632 students have achieved KSCE grades through our secondary school