Emergency Distribution

During times of floods and droughts, the YMA arranges for mass food distribution throughout the North-Eastern Province, as well as areas of significant need throughout the rest of Kenya.

The YMA’s food pack contains flour, rice, maize meal, oil, noodles, lentils, salt and fortified milk powder. This is significant because these items cover all the major food groups and vitamins that the body requires. Additionally, the inclusion of milk powder is to cater for very young infants who cannot yet eat solids.

This food pack was brought to the attention of the UNHCR refugee camp in Dadaab and received wide praise from their doctors for being nutritionally comprehensive.

The YMA has worked with both Kenyan and international organisations to orchestrate massive food relief campaigns that covered the entire province. This was done with systematic care to ensure that some villages were not being left out while other villages received surplus to requirements.

In any given drought year, the YMA can be instrumental in distributing more than US$2 Million in food aid. This total is reached by charities donating through the YMA and, also through the YMA’s coordination of like-minded charities.

In such drought years, the YMA’s efforts can reach more than 40,000 families.

Food packs typically cost US$50 as part of bulk orders.