Emergency Aid

The YMA has many former students who have gone on to become doctors.

Some of these doctors also work for the UN relief agencies in Dadaab (IOM).

Through their advice we can learn of the needs of the area where the most refugees are gathered; and of the surrounding areas not covered immediately by the UN mandate.

This means in the North-Eastern most areas of Kenya, where drought and flash floods are common, at times when the crisis is still developing, the refugee camps are protected but the areas around the camps will only be assisted after a mandate is received. This takes time.

The YMA are able to provide health products that would reduce the outbreak of illness in this time. Clean and dry straw mats, clean blankets, mosquito nets, and water jerrycans are distributed, as required, in the affected areas.

These distribution projects come in at very short notice and as such, the YMA mainly does their fundraising locally or through reserve funds.

Should donors wish to provide the YMA with funding for this type of project, a dedicated reserve fund can be established for emergency medical response projects.

The last distribution had US$100,000 allocated to clean straw mats and jerrycans, which benefited 20,000 families.