Hifz Class

The YMA’s Orphan sponsorship program includes Quran recitation, memorisation classes and basic Islamic knowledge classes.

These classes give enough Islamic education to each student to manage their day-to-day lives in an Islamic manner and, to also lead prayers and be proud of their Islamic heritage in front of all others.

The YMCH is currently supporting 405 orphans from all across Kenya.

Each of the 405 orphans receive full support including, accommodation, food, schooling, Islamic education, clothing and medical care. In addition, 45 of these children are also undertaking Hifz classes to memorise the Holy Quran.

These Islamic education facilities are also available to other children in the area. Although some families can afford these classes for their children, many cannot and sponsorship is also available for these children.

The YMA also sponsors Nakuru Islamic Centre, a madrasah in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. This institute currently has 24 students studying Hifz. Furthermore, 37 students have successfully graduated as Huffaz.

Sponsorship of a Hafiz requires three years of support and will cost US$50 per month (US$1,800 for three years).

These students are provided the same benefits as the orphans: meals, healthcare and school classes within the campus.

Zakat is also suitable for this project.

To date, the YMA has sponsored over 250 Huffaz, with the added benefit that many of them have gone on to teach Hifz themselves. So, there are countless children that have become Hafiz through the program.

The Prophet ﷺ said:

The best amongst you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others.


When a person dies his deeds discontinue, except for three things: Ongoing charity, knowledge which people benefit from, and a righteous son who prays for him.

So please help us and benefit from these rewards.