The YMA’s longest running and most important project is the Young Muslim Children’s Home (YMCH – formerly GMCH) and to date, the YMA has facilitated the sponsoring of almost 2,000 orphans.

This project was started in 1969 and has grown to its current size under the supervision of its director Shaykh Moti-ur-Rasool and other staff. The YMCH has supported thousands of orphans through its 50 years of operation.

Many among these children have gone on through university or training to become: ambassadors, ministers, doctors, teachers, Imams and professionals in many other fields.

The YMCH is currently supporting 414 orphans from all across Kenya. Not only is the YMCH doing a praiseworthy task from an Islamic perspective, but its efforts have been recognised and praised on a national level by: the Government, Civil Society and multiple UN agencies, as the leading centre for disseminating of Children’s issues and Educational Programmes in the province.

The YMCH is fortunate enough to receive sponsorships both from local donors and from international ones. With donations coming from as far as South Africa, the Middle East, UK and USA.

This can be Zakat or optional donations.

Full feedback is provided on this project and written correspondence with the child is also facilitated.

Currently, there are 397 on-site and 17 off-site (living with relatives) sponsored orphans.