The Hydraform machine was bought from South Africa and delivered in April 2018

Making our own bricks! The YMA are passionate about reducing our construction costs so the money we save can help fulfil other pressing needs of the people we serve.

As some of our major projects often involve construction, one way is to reduce these costs. Whether these projects are for worship, education, training, housing or endowments; construction costs can be a major factor in delaying or even preventing worthy projects from becoming reality.

In line with this, the YMA took the initiative to look at major cost-saving options in construction, while ensuring the quality and durability of the materials used.

As such, we launched our Hydraform appeal and, with the help of some anonymous donors, the project was fully funded and is now running successfully becoming one of our best initiatives.

What is a Hydraform?

A portable and durable machine that allows the production of ‘interlocking’ bricks at any location.

The ‘interlocking’ bricks are made using sand and crushed stone, with only 10% of the cement normally used and are hardened using a natural hydration technique.

Thus, greatly reducing transportation, construction and material costs.

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Its Benefits

  • Lowers cost due to significantly lower cement usage
  • Lowers cost due to being able to source local river sand
  • Lowers cost due to training our own construction team
  • Lowers cost due to significant savings on fuel and transport
  • Lowers cost due to high quality bricks making plastering unnecessary
  • High yield of solid interlocking bricks (up to 2,200 per day) made on site
  • Lintels, corners and other types of special brick moulds are also included
  • Allows purchasing from and supports local businesses
  • Creates training and employment opportunities for locals
  • Beneficial for the environment as the bricks are water cured and baked

Huge Savings

  • Up to 30% saving on construction costs
  • Savings on transport costs as bricks are made on site
  • Only 10% of the cement used in comparison to normal bricks

Recent YMA Construction Projects

Girls Prayer / Multi-Purpose Hall

Constructed in 2019, the cost was projected at almost K2.3m ($23,000 / £18,300 / €20,130) but making our own bricks with the Hydraform, the final cost was nearly 22% less at K1.7m – a saving of K600,000 ($6,000 / £4,000 / €4,400).

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Green House Project
Caretakers House

Hydraform bricks were made and used by our team for the construction. Most of the other items used were recycled materials including windows, doors and iron sheets. The house is 20 x 13 feet and cost K140,000 ($1,400 / £1,125 / €1,240) to build.

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YMA Academy School – Dining Hall

The new dining hall will be 100 x 24 feet. The work commenced in June 2020 and is currently in progress. All materials removed from the old demolished structure are being used again including the windows and grills etc.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following:
The anonymous donors who bought the Hydraform Machine and all its accessories for the YMA. The Secretary General Sheikh Ahmed Moti Ur Rasool and family for covering all costs of research, development and materials required to make the Hydraform project successful. Tahseen Yusuf and family for providing raw construction material, such as clay, free of charge. YMA Chairman Altaf Ganatra and Yusuf Pasta for providing tipper trucks for transporting raw materials. And last but not least, our dedicated Hydraform Team, who have worked exceptionally hard to make our construction projects come to fruition.