The YMA offers various types of training to build the capacity of people to make them more employable and self-sufficient.

Training can be offered:

1. Within the education systems e.g. offering weekend or holiday courses for students in: leadership, public speaking, social issues, counselling etc. These transferable life-skills can make the individuals more employable in the future.

2. Similar free training programs for the public. Occasionally we will announce training programs in a particular location to the village elders. If they are eager and there is enough interest from prospective participants, then the YMA will conduct such training programs for the locals at no charge.

3. Within our Islamic systems. For example, when building Mosques and Islamic Centres, the YMA will always employ an Imam and teachers. For this we will select individuals from the locality and train them up to take these positions.

4. Within our Waqf systems. Our farming projects, our residential projects, and our Hydraform projects all require competent employees. In these environments we offer free full-training to selected locals and then put them into direct employment. We actively do not impose minimum employment duration contracts to keep within the spirit of our charity and are happy for them to find employment elsewhere and, we look forward to training new individuals as often as possible.

The YMA are always eager to offer free, useful training programs to the locals. This is because our view is that it is better to make the people employable than to keep handing out charity.

In this type of project, we gladly accept partnership arrangements with other organisations to achieve this noble goal.