Emergency Shelter

The YMA provides emergency shelter during floods in Garissa and also assists international charities in the provision of tents during major floods.

Garissa is an area that is prone to flooding and, on numerous occasions, the YMA has utilised its land and facilities to shelter people when their homes are destroyed.

The YMA provides waterproof overlays to drape over their makeshift tents and warm dry blankets to resist the cold.

Furthermore, the YMA distributes food and medical assistance to reduce the risk of outbreaks of malaria, cholera and other contagious diseases.

Typically, at the time of a flood when homes are destroyed, the YMA provides the following items as one complete aid pack:

1 x Full Family sized Tent
2 x Straw Mats
2 x Blankets
1 x Water Jerrycan
1 x Set of Pot, Pan, Cutlery and Bowls
1 x Month supply of Food

The tents are specially chosen to be robust and durable. They are sturdy enough to last at least two years of regular daily use and have the ability to provide shelter from heavy rains, high winds, excessively hot and cold temperatures and direct sunlight. Additionally, they are reusable and easy to set up.

The total cost of this package is US$700 as a single unit. However when ordering in bulk the price can be significantly lower.