Islamic Centre

Islamic centres are large Mosques, which can typically cater for 500 to 1000 people or more.

In addition to the prayer facilities, a school is usually included, which provides education beyond the standard Quran classes. This will require separate classrooms and lodging facilities for teachers.

With such Islamic Centres, a large well and reservoir tanks are also included, as well as a solar powered or diesel pump.

The plots of land purchased are expansive to allow for future development. If the donor choses additional services like dispensaries or even buildings to rent out, that can be included to allow for income generation that will enable the project to be self-sufficient and require no further or on-going donations to meet running costs.

These types of projects are often in large towns, cities or at the very edge of cities to maximise the amount of people who can benefit from them. The areas chosen often eventually get engulfed by the city and the functionality of the centre only improves with time.

The YMA can build such centres from scratch and take on full custodianship to ensure they keep running without problems in future. Additionally, the YMA can also work with a charity or multiple charities or multiple individuals to set up and run a joint project if the costs are too high for a single organisation to bear.

To date, 15 Islamic Centres have been built by the YMA and remain under the YMA custodianship.

The cost of an Islamic Centre varies depending on land price, size, design and the services to include. The typical starting price is US$30,000 including a hand pump, lodgings and classrooms.