Masjids are a popular choice of donation for people who wish to benefit from the immense reward of providing people a safe place to perform Salaah.

Masjids are not only built on behalf of the donors themselves, but also for their loved ones who have passed away and for them to be able to earn enduring rewards even after passing away.

Masjids come in various sizes and designs according to the needs of the area and the specifications of the donor.

Smaller Masjids typically cater for 100-150 people and would include a handpump for wudhu and a single minaret to place loudspeakers for Azaan.

Quran classes are held within the prayer hall by the Imam. Besides an Imam’s residence, additional buildings are not needed.

To date, 108 small Masjids have been constructed and many have Imams under the YMA’s or the donor’s direct employ.

Medium sized Masjids cater for around 500 people and include a small diesel pump and water tanks to provide water to the taps in a dedicated wudhu area. Typically, the prayer hall can accommodate 300 people and a courtyard is included for the surplus attendees.

The design may include 2 to 4 minarets depending on the donors wishes.

Multiple Quran classes and teachers would require lodgings and additional classrooms.

To date, 21 medium-sized Masjids have been constructed and have Imams under the YMA’s or the donor’s direct employ.

The size, design, and costs of each Masjid can vary greatly depending on requirements. However, generally the starting price can be in the region of US$20,000 and this includes a shallow well and Imam’s quarters.