Water Distribution

Kenya’s North-Eastern Province is often hit with droughts.

Whenever this is the case, the YMA takes emergency measures to try and assist as many people as possible by supplying life-saving water.

In larger settlements in the most remote areas, the YMA have placed large water-tanks which it fills by water-tank trucks as often as is required.

In sparsely populated areas, the YMA has regular water-tank refill distribution in place during droughts or seasons of low rainfall. The YMA also provides sturdy and durable jerrycans to all families in these areas.

These are of course emergency measures but where possible, the YMA will go on to install wells and boreholes. However, there are a great number of such remote locations, so there is always a demand for such boreholes but not enough sponsors.

On occasions of drought, the YMA has facilitated numerous individuals and charities from: the Middle East, South Africa, Turkey, UK and the USA, to quickly and systematically deliver water to needy areas throughout Northern, Eastern and Coastal areas of Kenya.

Through these distributions, we are able to maintain a database of the level of need of different villages and areas, which we use when deciding where best to dig wells.

An example of this is in 2017, where the YMA were able to calculate the need, based on data, by distributing water by providing 40,000 litres (two water-tanker trucks) per day to serve an area of 180km2 from the village of Gururi to Wayu, in the Tana River Area. This continued daily for an entire three month period, which included Ramadan, during a severe drought.

The cost of the entire project was approximately US$20,000.