The YMA always encourages donors to sponsor hand pumps in as many areas as possible.

These simple devices are true life-saving measures for people, not only directly, but also indirectly, by also providing water for their animals and crop fields.

The YMA utilises handpumps which are long-lasting, easily maintainable, serviceable and replaceable when needed.

The YMA identifies areas where the need is greatest and where the most people can benefit from the water provided.

We ensure that the specifications of the water well not only cater for the current drinking needs of the people, but also has the capacity to cater for their animals and farmlands as well as their religious and hygienic needs.

Furthermore, the water wells are dug to such depths to ensure that they will not dry out and will continue to cater for the population growth of the area.

Donors get a detailed feedback report and have a permanent plaque on site that confirms their donation. This is done for the sake of transparency and because many of the beneficiaries make dua for the donor.

The average cost of a handpump (this includes digging, piping, the handpump mechanism, concreting, drainage and maintenance costs) is US$2,000 to US$3,000.

A handpump typically benefits an entire village or sometimes two or three villages in more densely populated areas.

To date, well over 450 handpumps and water wells have been installed. These are not only around Garissa but throughout Kenya.