Water Treatment Plant

The YMA aims to help as many people as possible in areas across the country to have access to water.

This includes installing solar pumps and water treatment plants.

The YMA sometimes needs to dig wells that must serve a very large population or need a large throughput to serve irrigation purposes. For this, manually operated wells are not feasible. In such cases not only are large wells dug, but solar pumps are also fitted, which can continuously pump out water into huge water storage tanks.

Due to costs and specialised usage, the YMA has only installed three of these.

However, when they are installed, the YMA takes full custodianship of the project to ensure that the equipment remains functional and that people continue to get water.

The YMA has also installed a water treatment facility to allow water from a nearby muddy river to be purified and used for non-drinking use i.e. hygiene, cleaning, irrigation and livestock.

This water system, situated at the orphanage in Garissa, not only caters for the entire centre, all three schools, dormitories and staff residences but, due to Garissa often facing both extremes of water shortages and flooding, it also provides for a large expanse of the local poor community.

Furthermore, historically, this system has provided water to the entire town of Garissa for over 20 years, before the local government installed a water system to provide for the locals. For this, the YMA has received recognition and thanks from the government both regionally and nationally.

These installations have provided drinking water and also helped in irrigating the YMA farm and the small plantations of local people nearby.

The cost of these installations vary greatly, and as such, the YMA would consult with any donor on a location and provide a cost after researching thoroughly.

To date, 3 solar pump installations have been implemented by the YMA and have proven to be immensely valuable.

The YMA has installed one water treatment plant at the orphanage. We have not since installed another due to lack of need within our catchment area, however, should the need arise, we are confident in successfully installing such projects in the future.